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Nina de Cocq, registered massage therapist

Nina de Cocq,
Registered Massage Therapist

My first job after becoming a massage therapist was in a health club clinic. Although not the most conducive environment for therapeutic massage, it offered me considerable experience working with bodybuilders who had either injured themselves, or were trying to prevent injury. A year later, I moved my practice to a chiropractor's office, where I had a receptionist, and a professional, quiet room in which to work. It was there that I discovered just how effective massage therapy was in conjunction with chiropractic.Massage therapy diploma During the two years I worked with the chiropractor, I honed my skills as a medical practitioner, following the model of treatment I had learned at massage school. I had been trained to give a 20-minute therapeutic massage, which, with a doctor's referral, was covered by British Columbia medicare. I worked very diligently to fit what I identified as necessary into that time frame, but it was a difficult challenge. For several years, I did what I could, but finally decided that I wanted to work more holistically, and moved my practice into my home.

Still, I found I was unable to separate the parts of the body from each other. If someone had a painful right shoulder, I needed to massage much more than just their right shoulder. I wanted to work on the whole body, including the right shoulder. And that is when I began doing whole-body massages.

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I quickly fell in love with working from my home. It allowed me freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to give the long massages that everyone seemed to enjoy so much. This became my trademark—my signature piece, so to speak.

Over the years, I have worked on countless bodies of every shape and size. I have even massaged famous bodies (which, by the way are no different from yours or mine) when I was working in the film industry in Vancouver, visiting the actors on set, in their trailers or at their hotels.

Around that time, I also studied infant massage, enabling me to teach parents how to massage their newborns, either privately or in a group setting. I loved working with babies and became very interested in prenatal care, offering massage to pregnant women. I invested in a set of cushions which support all body types, but were designed specifically with a growing pregnant belly in mind. And let me tell you, when a woman who is seven months pregnant comes in and is able to lie face down, she is a very happy person, indeed. To this day, people continue to make as many appreciative comments about those cushions as they do about my hands!

After ten years running a busy and thriving practice in Vancouver, I moved to Quebec in 1995.

I worked out of my home in the Laurentians for the next 15 years, while raising my two boys. When the time came to expand my business, I opened a studio in Montreal (NDG), where I have been working since July 2011.