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Deep, Therapeutic Massage

Helping you feel better with a knowledgable, educated, intuitive approach.

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I practice deep, therapeutic massage. The most frequently asked question is: "Is it deep?” I find that most people enjoy firm, deep pressure to achieve that optimum state of 'pleasurable' pain, i.e. it hurts a little, but it feels so good! This is very different from the 'ouch' pain with no associated pleasure. In my experience, everyone wants to feel like something is being done.

When you first come to see me, I ask a few questions to find out a little about you: if you have had any previous experience with massage, if there are any contraindications present for massage, what, if any, particular problems you are having. I try to find out what you expect and get a sense of how you move through your day – how much movement and of what type – and I talk to you about the reason you made the appointment. This gives you a chance to air any concerns, and ask any questions. I explain the details of my table and how I want to begin the work, and leave you to undress (to your comfort level) and settle yourself on the table. Proper and cosy draping is paramount to a positive massage experience, and I can assure you the utmost respect for your comfort and privacy.

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The biggest difference between a relaxation massage and a treatment massage is the focus. In a treatment massage, I focus directly on the problem, giving all my attention to that issue and working the areas affecting it. In a relaxation massage, I work holistically, covering whatever we have discussed (depending on your needs and the length of time you have agreed to). My attention turns to whatever presents itself during the course of the massage.

Whether you have come for a treatment or a relaxation massage, I begin the same way. I explore the soft tissue and feel just how far I can apply pressure to that area. I constantly adjust my pressure to accommodate the messages I receive in return. The pressure I use is firm, deep, thorough, yet gentle. I feel for the edge of “too much,” aiming to hold it there, as opposed to pushing you over that pleasurable pain into the “ouch” zone. My knowledge of the body and my decades of experience inform my intuition, guiding me to give you the therapeutic massage your body requires.  I have a great respect for the tissue, which needs to be stretched where it is contracting but not over stretched, which can damage the tissue, and aggravate the problem.

Occasionally, when working on a specific problem, I may take you into a slight discomfort zone temporarily. But I always work with you, to your comfort level, so it should never feel like real pain, and I invite feedback from you so you always feel in control. The object is healing, and my job is to help you feel better.