"Nina has a way of nurturing your body and soul. Her massage is like travelling in the heart of bliss."
--- Dominique Normand,
Painter of the True Spirit of the North

"Over the course of years, I have experienced the benefits from many massage therapists. Two years ago, I started having treatments from Nina de Cocq whenever I was in Quebec. She is the most talented, effective massage therapist I have yet met. Her intuitive hands find areas of muscle spasm and trigger spots that lesser experienced practitioners would likely not find. As a practicing MD, who recommends massage therapy to his patients on a regular basis and who has reaped much benefit from the skills of massage therapists in the past, I highly recommend Nina."
---Jim Hollingworth, MD.,F.C.F.P.
Goderich, Ontario

"Nina is one of those rare, highly skilled people who goes above and beyond what is expected. She constantly amazes me with her intuitive ability to know how to treat any problem. I have honestly never met another RMT who is so deeply in tune with her clients needs and as thorough in her treatment. Nina demonstrates continuous respect for every person and their body's individual need(s); whether it be for sports/high performance, pregnancy, post-surgical, or just everyday stress, Nina's gentle yet firm touch can only be described in superlatives."
--- Laurie Dance, Speech Pathologist.
Ottawa, Ontario

"What strikes me most about Nina's approach, is the deep respect she has for her client. And what strikes me most about her massage, is that it always helps me feel so connected with myself."
--- Joe Cooke
Project Manager, Ottawa

"I had  chronic pain in my left shoulder for almost a year before I began to see Nina. At first the massage therapy had a short term benefit by providing some relief, but after several months of seeing Nina regularly, the pain in my shoulder is gone. And I am continuing to see her to keep things that way ! Her skills, her work space , her outlook and personality are exceptionally suited to her profession. I feel very lucky to have found her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of therapeutic massage!!"
--- Julia Pare

"Nina gives a skilled, soulful deep-tissue massage to the intensity of your liking. She intuitively hones in on trouble spots, and seems to know exactly what they need. It feels safe and comfortable to put your body in her hands, and you will appreciate every second of her experienced attention.  A level of trust is established very quickly under her highly intuitive, comfortably experienced and warm hands.  She is one of the few therapist who knows how to cover the entire body in a balanced way in one session respecting the soulfulness of body, as well as understanding rhythm and tempo in body work.  She does equally well at very deep satisfying muscle work and more delicate, fine tissue work."
--- Jude Berman

"I have been a patient of Nina's for therapeutic massage on a monthly basis for about two years now. Because we have developed a relationship she knows exactly how to work with me and these regular treatments are key to keeping me centred and well in my stressful life. After a massage with Nina I feel grounded, relaxed and balanced, ready to conquer the world. The tension from any little cricks I may be suffering from, in my case my arms and upper back from too much computer work and a slight scoliosis are softened and released. Using therapeutic massage on a regular basis has been part of my preventative health routine for over fifteen years and my appointments with Nina are always highly beneficial. She is a gem!"
--- Rosemary Arroyave
Visual Artist

"Nina's experienced hands' consistently provide me with the most effective and relaxing massages. Everything is relaxing, comfortable and secure. Her massage table is nice and wide, bedding - soft and wonderful...
No matter if it is a specific pain (she helped my shoulder injury) or for relaxation and balance. Nina is hands down (pardon the pun) the best massage therapist I have ever seen.
Nina's therapy is always on time and, like all good massages, you wish it would continue forever...That said - you never feel like you get short changed on time. She is in touch with your body and can somehow interpret your desires to provide just the right amount of pressure and focus on what your body and mind needs."

Independent Management Consultant
--- Kristine Osgoode